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Sweetest Pain by Parachutes for Airplanes

‘Parachutes for Airplanes’ are a band that you do not forget easily, and the main reason is of course, its name. The name makes you ponder over life and existence. This Kochi based band members say that, this is what their goal is, to create good music that makes you rethink life and its three most delicate elements, the heart, the soul and the dream! The song, Sweetest Pain by Parachutes for Airplanes is an endeavor to give shape to those unrealized dreams that every heart and every soul desire. The song got a platform to reach a wide network of audience only because, Songdew – India’s largest music network chose to release this mesmerizing track!

You can listen to it here.



The song is a tribute to the mystical feelings of love. It takes you on a journey where life seems unfair while you’re in love. The agony of one-sided love, the guilt that follows and perpetual feelings of desperation is perfectly embodied by the lyrics. However, the melodious guitar in the background coupled with the soulful voice stands out and stays with you long after you’ve heard it. The melody of the song is like those feel good 90’s romantic music with a modern touch to it. The lyric although predictable doesn’t fail to strike all the right chords. It makes you believe in the innocence and simplicity of first love. The sweetness of the lyrics jubilant with the beauty of promises along with the harmonious rhythm takes you back to your days of first love and infatuation. It is soothing, romantic and fits like a missing piece to the ambience and mood of the song.

‘Parachutes for Airplanes’ have also released a music video of the track which has a romantic brilliance to it. The scene begins with a voice of a devoted and doting man expressing his love confidently to his beloved. And, that too, in an indirect manner, like a heart expresses it to an another heart, with unclear words, brimming with emotions. But it’s painful seeing the protagonist getting rejected. What follows is the brilliant recreation! The vocalist follows our protagonist as he walks into darkness with a heavy heart full of agony and dejection. He shoots another couple giving shape and form to the protagonist’s pages of imagination. This song is an endeavor to give a parachute to those crashing dreams of a soul for a life full of renewed hope and joy. The somber acting and mellifluous music justifies his feelings in the same way the tumultuous rain justifies months of heated summers.

It’s sad and yet rekindles a hope of new beginning. This song melts barriers between reality and dreams to a world where, souls, hearts and dreams are rescued! The sharp acting, the melodious voice and the heart-felt lyrics, swimming in a pool of catharsis makes up for a pleasant 5 minutes, in a day full of hard realities. The ending of the video is something you have to be on the lookout for, as the video is successful in creating a subtle element of mystery that greets all hearts in a melodious tune called -Sweetest Pain!

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